The Windward Group, Inc.

Real Estate Analysis & Consulting

At The Windward Group, we provide critical, unbiased and professional multifamily market and financial analysis to developers, investors and family offices. More specifically, we offer the following: Cash Flow Analysis, Due Diligence Services, Portfolio Analysis, Competition Assessments, Asset Management Services, and Market/Feasibility Studies. The following provides a brief overview of the various levels of service that we provide:

1) First Impression: We will take a look at your specific project or investment opportunity and give you a general idea of whether or not the project is worth pursuing. We can usually provide an answer within 24 hours, depending upon the specific assignment.

2) Desktop Analysis: With a turnaround time of two to three days, we can take a more in-depth look at your project and make an accurate assessment of the general competitive environment and an estimate of absorption for a development deal. For an investment opportunity, we can review and analyze prior years income/expense data and provide pro-forma future cash flow projections.

3) Formal Market/Investment Analysis: At this level, we provide a formal market/investment analysis suitable for submission to lenders, investors or partners. We provide an in-depth assessment of the subject site/property focusing upon it's locational strengths and weaknesses, a formal assessment of the economic environment including such elements as household formation, building permits, employment growth, income trends and population demographics. We will also investigate the competitive environment that will affect the future potential of the subject property. We will assess it's relative price or rent value positioning, and will also investigate future development that may impact the subject. Depending upon the complexity of the assignment, we can typically complete our analysis in two to four weeks.